What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral and independent person – such as Dispute, Resolved: Mediation Services – assists the parties to a dispute to reach their own solution, without the need for costly and stressful litigation in a Court or Tribunal. Mediation is an alternative to having a Court or Tribunal make a decision for the parties, after a contested hearing between the disputing parties. Mediation, which is a form of structured negotiation facilitated by the mediator, puts the power into the disputing parties’ hands, to allow for the airing of their respective grievances and issues, in a contained, structured, and confidential setting.

There are numerous benefits that can arise from mediation, including:
• early resolution of the dispute, without the delays of a Court or Tribunal contested proceeding
• the potential to significantly limit legal costs of the parties
• greater flexibility to the disputing parties in resolving the dispute, as in a mediation the options that can be explored to resolve a dispute are often broader than those that can be considered by a Court or Tribunal
• finality of the dispute, allowing the disputing parties to move forward, with the dispute behind them
• privacy and confidentiality, as opposed to a Court or Tribunal proceedings, which is usually open to the public, and decisions of a Court or Tribunal are usually available online

The mediator – such as Dispute, Resolved: Mediation Services - assists the parties to focus on the real issues of the dispute and explore options to resolve these. The mediator does not impose a solution on the parties like a Court or Tribunal does. Nor does the mediator give legal advice. Anything said or produced as evidence at a mediation session cannot be used in a later a Court or Tribunal hearing, except in exceptional circumstances.

The role of the mediator - Dispute, Resolved: Mediation Services - is completely neutral. The mediator’s role is to facilitate a structured and pragmatic negotiation platform, with the aim of assisting the parties to resolve their dispute.

If the parties resolve their dispute or conflict at the mediation, the parties may make a written agreement to finalise the dispute.

Dispute, Resolved: Mediation Services is a professional, experienced and cost-effective dispute resolution service to assist parties to disputes resolve their differences, without the need for Court or Tribunal to decide the dispute, with the significant and often high costs involved.

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